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The Juniperlea Inn

We are situated next to the small idyllic village of Fala only 30 minutes from Edinburgh City Centre.
If you are looking to make a booking for our accommodation or restaurant contact us on 01875 833775
Carly Cornwall purchased The Juniperlea Inn in May 2017 after stumbling upon it's availability on the internet. At the time Carly was not looking for a restaurant or bar to manage. However, due to the lure of the beauty of the location she decided to take the plunge and purchase The Juniperlea Inn. Shortly afterwards Carly, her husband and their sons relocated to the Inn to begin a wonderful new adventure together.

CARLY & Graeme

Neither Carly or her husband Graeme had any experience in the hospitality trade, but could see the potential of The Juniperlea Inn. They assessed the improvements required to modernise the property and they envisioned how a remodeled Inn would look. Graeme, a professional in the building trade, agreed to complete the renovation work on the property.

They sold their house and Carly gave up her job. She  went on to study the relevant courses and to take the necessary exams which are a requirement of becoming a licencee.

Upon moving into The Juniperlea Inn the renovation work started almost immediately. The deep pile pink carpet in the ladies loos was the first thing to go! The original bar in the property was removed. A completely fresh design and new layout was installed.  The renovation work is extensive and improvements to the property are continually reviewed to keep the Inn modern and contemporary!


Plans have been approved to add on a two storey extension. The effect of this extension will extend the restaurant and create an additional three guest rooms. One of these rooms is being reserved as a boutique bridal suite.

We are hoping to commence with the extension in 2022. 

We have planned to add a second bar in the extension. This will allow us to hold independent large functions such as weddings.

the Juniperlea is a magical place to come and stay. 
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